Size Matters: That’s Why We Have Long Dildos for You

Have you ever used a sex toy and thought, “Huh. That’s it?” If you have, then you might be a part of an elite club. Welcome! We meet every few months solely to discuss how super large dildos are a way of life.

When you’re using a toy (or letting your partner use it on you), and you catch yourself saying “More! Give me MORE!” when there’s simply no more to give, then you might need an extra-large, massive dildo.

Of course, this isn’t something you simply decide and jump into. You don’t wake up one morning and say to yourself, “Hey, I might try to destroy my genitals today with a big realistic dildo that will for sure leave me looking as if I rode a barrel around my yard for days!”

You have to work your way up to super long dildos. In fact, with any sex toy products, the rule of thumb is not to let your eyes write checks your genitals simply can’t cash.

So, Does Size Matter?

Size Queens know this by heart — you can do quite a bit with a modest prick, but a big-ass dildo is always a better option. If you don’t believe us, consider this — if size doesn’t matter, then why does every sex toy company pool all their marketing money into advertising huge dildos, big black dildos, horse dildos, and other toys that fall into the “gargantuan” category?

It Matters — Both to Men and Women

Think about it. You never see ads for “realistic, average looking, respectable in size if a bit on the small side” dildos, right? So, size matters just like these long dildos from LG.


We turn to sex toys in the hope of spicing our sex lives. It’s our opportunity to try something we usually wouldn’t (or couldn’t). Therefore, it’s no wonder that we get a bit heavy-handed when it comes to choosing the size of our dildos. When will we get a chance to ride a monster dick that’s actually attached to a person? Probably never, or at least not in the near future. So, sex toys are the next best thing if we’re interested in tasting a little bit of that Size Queen’s heaven.

That’s why ladies (and gay men, of course) choose super long dildos or even long anal dildos. But straight men and men in heterosexual relationships aren’t shy when it comes to trying out a massive dildo either. Whether it’s because they are curious about fucking their partner with one or because they feel as though they simply can’t deliver what their significant other needs, men buy extra long dildos as much as women.

The Glorious Feeling of Fullness Only Super Long Dildos Can Provide

Do you remember that feeling of fullness you had the first time you tried a butt plug? (If you haven’t tried it, we recommend it wholeheartedly, but that’s a topic for another day.)

Well, sometimes we want that same feeling without having to involve our butts in it (butt out, butt — not everything is about you!). That’s where super long dildos for women and men come into play.

When we simply need to feel full, no matter our partner’s size, there’s only one way to achieve that — huge dildos. However, just because we know that, it doesn’t mean we can whip out a huge black toy and ask our partner to go to town. We have to be respectful of potential insecurity and feelings of inadequacy that this move might cause.

So, we should ease our partner into using a massive dildo on us (or us using one on them, as it goes both ways). Every sexual desire and fantasy is worth sharing. But, we should test the waters before actually making the suggestion because not all men (and women) are up to the challenge.

Huge Dildos and the Burning Sensation of Stretching

Aside from feeling full, when using a huge dildo, you’ll also feel a pleasant stretching sensation. Big sex toys are a great way to test your limits and see how far you can go (and stretch, of course).

With lengths ranging from the humble eight to the whopping 20 inches, big dildos can reach everywhere. Some people (those who belong to the super exclusive, secret size club we already mentioned) love this sensation and feel since a bigger dildo can reach the G-spot and P-spot without much trouble (unlike their smaller counterparts).

Don’t Forget About LOL (Lots of Lube)

The number one rule of the “huge dildo club” (yes, it has a name) is LOL or “lots of lube.”

Listen, we all know our bodies the best, and it’s not that we don’t believe you when you say that you’d climb that huge dildo like a tree and ride it into the sunset, but let’s be realistic here. That will only land you into the emergency room with a super embarrassing story and a potentially crippling injury.

So, before you actually think of using a huge dildo (of any kind — a strap-on dildo, a double dildo, or a suction cup dildo), make sure to prep yourself.

What Type of Lube to Go For?

Using a lot of lube, going super slowly, and making sure that you’re fully ready to receive such a dicking are the main principles of using giant dildos. Also, be mindful of the type of lube you use. Not every lube is a good fit for every toy.

Water-based lubes might be your best choice, as they are body-safe, and won’t mess with your condom (if you’re using one). Also, with water-based lube, you don’t have to worry about damaging your new toy. Silicone-based lubes don’t play well with silicone dildos, so pay attention to that as well.

Some people don’t like water-based lubes because they leave them dry too soon. A good alternative is an oil-based product. However, keep in mind that oil can break down latex. So, if you’re using a condom, oil-based lubes won’t be your friends. Otherwise, you might as well have not even bothered with the condom.

Massive Dildo — Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Although many prefer a dildo that’s a bit on the larger side, not everyone would be quick to agree. Some men and women prefer solo play (and partnered play for that matter) with average or even smaller toys.

Not everyone wants an animal dildo the size of their own forearm. More importantly, not everyone can comfortably fit that kind of a toy inside their genitals. Other people feel intimidated by the sheer volume of giant dildos (they keep going on and on like there’s no end to them) and would rather not even attempt such a massive feat.

It’s also worth mentioning that larger dildos can be a hassle to clean and handle. You can easily manage a normal-sized dildo with one hand while using the other to do other business. With a massive dildo, you’ll need both hands (or a partner), which will leave other, essential bits neglected. Some people really mind this.

A Few Parting Words

When we use them properly, super long dildos can be a blast! They can improve both our solo play and the time we spend rolling under the sheets with our partners. A massive dildo provides a wild ride, from start to the glorious, luscious finish! And, if you’re brave enough to try it, then we wish you the best of luck and happy playing!