Do it yourself or done for you? Which should you choose for your wedding preparation?

As beautiful as they are, weddings can be quite tricky. In fact, they ask some delicate questions. Wear this or that? Invite your boss? Should you even marry your partner? Yet, none of these are as important as how you’ll approach your wedding’s preparation. 


The question of preparing the wedding yourself or hiring someone to do it for you is quintessential to making the most of your special day. But what’s the correct answer? Well, there isn’t one. It all depends on your preferences, and we’re here to guide you to them.

Pros of Doing It Yourself

We all understand what DIY or “do it yourself” means. After all, it couldn’t be any clearer. However, not everyone is aware of why a concept like this exists when you can pay to have things done and tailored to your needs. And sure enough, in some scenarios, hiring others to do something for you is great. But, that’s not always the solution. So, let’s explore some benefits of the DIY wedding approach, shall we?


Namely, preparing for your wedding day isn’t just about saving money. Aside from weddings costing a fortune these days, there’s a matter of taste that’s always present. This is especially true if you’re the bride. Hiring decoration can only get you so far. Yet, if you prepare all the details by yourself for your big day, the end product will be just as it was in your teenage dreams — perfect.

Done for You Benefits

On the other hand, wedding DIY ideas can be tiresome. Just imagine trying to set up a wedding venue by yourself? Wouldn’t that be a task? What’s more, what if your supplier doesn’t meet the deadline? Or, god forbid, what if you experience a mental breakdown from stress just days before the D-Day? Well, that’s why some people don’t take chances. They opt for the done-for-you approach.

Hiring others to prepare for your wedding is a great idea. It can help both the bride and the groom have a better experience without overburdening them. And if your budget allows for it, you can manage every detail to your liking. From tablecloths and cutlery to candle holders and the most important detail, the wedding cake, you have the final say on everything.

How DIY Will Affect Your Preparation

The whole point of a DIY project is to make things better suited to your liking. But like all things in life, it comes with a cost. Preparing for the wedding yourself means less time to mentally prepare for what’s about to happen. Instead, it introduces both the bride and the groom with numerous problems to solve before the big day.


Nevertheless, these aren’t serious issues that you’ll lose sleep over. At least not if you’re a regular person. However, they can prove a bit too much if you don’t consider how serious wedding planning can be. In other words, if you opt to DIY your wedding reception, decoration, cardholders, and others, prepare yourself for lots of work.

How DFY Can Make Your Preparations Easier

If you and your significant other aren’t keen on having additional chores, the DIY approach shouldn’t even cross your mind. You should, instead, focus on its cousin — the DFY option. The done-for-you variation of wedding preparation is perfect for those who want to focus on everything else instead of table numbers, the wedding theme, and so on.


Numerous agencies specialize in preparing your big day the way you imagined it back when you were a teen. From big things like choosing the theme to the smallest of details like the type of flowers and the color of balloons, you decide everything, and they make it happen. Sure, it’s a costlier option, but you can forget about the stress.

What Are the Disadvantages?

When you compare do-it-yourself vs. done-for-you options, it’s best to look at the negatives and see which one suits you better. So, let’s put these two against each other, shall we?

DIY Wedding Planning Cons

  • Although you cut the costs, you’re practically inviting stress and anxiety. Even the smallest of DIY wedding decorations and ornaments can make you lose sleep and tear your hair out if you can’t pull them off the way you want to.


  • DIY means that you’ll be in direct contact with suppliers (food, drinks, music, decorations, etc.). As such, the chances are that some of them won’t meet the delivery deadlines, so you’ll once again end up losing your mind.

DFY Wedding Planning Cons

  • Unlike DIY wedding preparations, DFY options cost much more. And if you consider how expensive big events like these are nowadays, your overall bill can skyrocket. Most young couples can’t pay so much, opting for loans and not thinking about tomorrow.


  • No matter how professional wedding preparation agencies are, there’s always a chance of them doing something wrong aesthetics-wise. In other words, the way you picture your big day in your head might differ from their idea.

Words of Reassurance

Like all things, both the DIY and the DFY options have their cons. However, that doesn’t mean that one of them is better or worse than the other. In fact, they’re both correct. They come down to preferences, and it’s up to you to decide. You should, of course, keep in mind both the pros and cons, so you can make your decision easier.


Either way, even if something goes wrong with planning, don’t let that spoil your celebration of love. Weddings are special events, and no such things as decoration and ornaments should be the priority for you and your chosen partner. These are, after all, material and secondary things, not worthy of your stress and nerves.